Avondale Travel Will Craft Your Perfect Cruise

Avondale TravelAvondale Travel serves both frequent cruisers and those looking to “dive in” for the first time. At Avondale Travel, we have taken the customization of the cruising experience to a new level. Not only will we provide access to VIP treatment, upgrades and amenities, but also our cruise advisors will listen to your past cruise experiences, your individual desires and then exceed your expectations for your future cruises.

From private shows and onshore dining; to offshore access to “off the map” destination hotspots, Avondale Travel will make sure that you truly have a “Bon Voyage” that surpasses all others.

Avondale Travel makes your cruise unforgettable, both on-board and on-shore. We have personally reviewed on-board activities on every cruise line and on-shore programs and adventures at every port. Whether it’s a photography class or Le Cordon Bleu cooking class, we can help you add the best on-board activities to your itinerary. Off-shore, we’ll help you explore and discover the endless options of arts and cultural expeditions, fitness activities, historic tours, shopping and much more.

Navigating The Right Cruise For You

Large Ships

Whether Luxury, Premium or Contemporary vessels, we’ve personally examined every large ship from bow to stern and from starboard to port, to figure out where the best cabins and suites are located.

Smaller Ships

Smaller ships can give you access to the world’s most exotic ports-of-call and provide special experiences and white-glove attention. At Avondale Travel, our connections to small ship lines give you a cozier atmosphere as well as a unique experience both onboard and onshore.

Adventure And Specialty Cruises

Exotic places, spirited activities and dynamic destinations, all define an Adventure or Specialty Cruise. Avondale Travel gives you the access to explore distinctive ports and enjoy vigorous activities and discovering unique excursions that are part of these interactive and hands-on voyages.

World Cruises

The ultimate item on your bucket list… a World Cruise! Whether it’s Singapore or Istanbul, we’ll make sure that everything is taken care of at each unique port.

Family Cruises

As a family-run business, Avondale Travel understands that each family, and their travel needs, is unique. We have the experience and knowledge to create family cruises that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.